ANKC Breed Standard for Italian Greyhounds

Group: Group 1 (Toys)

General Appearance: A greyhound in miniature, more slender in all proportions.

Characteristics: Elegant, graceful and quick moving.

Temperament: Intelligent, affectionate and vivacious, may appear aloof.

Head And Skull: Skull long, flat and narrow, slight stop. Muzzle fine and long. Nose dark in colour.

Eyes: Rather large, bright; full of expression.

Ears: Rose-shaped, placed well back, soft and fine, not pricked.

Mouth: Jaws strong, with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. the upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws. Teeth even.

Neck: Long, gracefully arched.

Forequarters: Shoulders long and sloping. Legs straight; well set under shoulders; fine, strong bone and pasterns.

Body: Chest deep and narrow. Good length of rib and brisket. Back slightly arched over loin.

Hindquarters: Long, well muscled thigh: hind legs parallel when viewed from behind; well bent stifle, hocks well let down.

Feet: Hare feet.

Tail: Low set, long, fine, carried low.

Gait/Movement: High stepping and free action. Front and hind legs to move forward in a straight line with propulsion from behind.

Coat: Skin fine and supple. Hair, short, fine and glossy.

Colour: Black, blue, cream, fawn, red, white, or any of these colours broken with white. White dogs may be broken with one of these colours. Black or blue with tan markings, or brindle not acceptable.

Ideal height: 32-38 cms (12.5-15ins) at withers.
Ideal weight: 3.6-4.5 kg (8-10 lbs). Overall type and elegance essential.

Faults: Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.

Notes: Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.