Dog Showing

Thank you to club President Denise and her show champions Bronte and Pippin for putting together this article...


The Reason Behind Dog Sports 

As a pure breed club some people may wonder what the point of dog showing is, after all, you already know your dog is pure bred. This is the fundamental reason behind all dog sports, like - confirmation showing, lure coursing, agility, obedience, dock dogs and I’m sure there are more! 

All of these dog sports are a way of demonstrating the skill sets, physical makeup, natural behaviours in a dog.

Confirmation shows are a way to demonstrate the way each breed should look, act and move. Agility shows how a dog with a focussed trainer can perform high speed movements. Obedience demonstrates a deep trust between dog and trainer. 


Why do people take part in these dog sports? Firstly, they are FUN!

The joy I find in attempting to move around the ring with my boy looking up at me is indescribable, working together and trusting each other is a lot of fun! 


Secondly, if a dog wins at a chosen sport, it is being proved that this dog was bred well as it can fulfill the “job” it was originally bred to do. 


The basic theory behind breeding a dog, is to improve the breed. So you want a sheepdog that has a herding instinct, a greyhound with a coursing instinct, a Labrador with a retrieving instinct and all of them moving correctly to carry out their jobs, the best place to look is an ethical breeder who breeds to improve the breed. 

It is rare in a litter of pups for all of them to be perfect. Some would say it’s impossible to find the perfect dog!! So a breeder will carefully watch the litter as it grows and at 6 weeks or so will decide which one they will keep. And hope that they made the right decision! The other pups obviously go to pet homes! They may be a bit small, a bit tall, have the wrong underbite or a myriad of other tiny things that make them not quite right to carry on breeding from. 

So that is the reasoning behind dog shows and other dog sports, and why ethical breeders do what they do!

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