My Iggy is eating his/her poo! HELP!!

Thank you to club member John and the amazing Mister for the information...


My puppy is eating poo... 

Good news is often puppies grow out of it. They often go through a phase where they want to get their mouth on anything. Patience is key, and to stay calm with the puppy. 


Don’t: tell them off 

You should never shame a puppy for going to the toilet. If a puppy is made to feel shame when they poo, in the future they will panic after they have pooped and eat it to try and hide it. 

Don’t: let them see you clean up 

Puppies can pick up on what you’re doing, and if they see you pick up and dispose of their poo, they will try and help you out and clean it up themselves. Unfortunately this can include eating the poo. 

Do: give them something better than poo to eat 

Once the puppy has gone to the toilet in the right place, reward them. If they go back to the poo, tell them ‘no’ or ‘leave it’ and once they give you attention, and not the poo, give them a reward. The idea here is there will be treats coming their way if they leave their poo alone. Make sure the treats taste better than their poo! After doing this a few times, lead the puppy away from the poo, and then clean it up discretely so they aren’t tempted to eat it later. 


I am using puppy pee pads...

These can be super fun for a puppy to tear up, so a quick way to stop this happening is to tape it to the floor. Do give your puppy a fun alternative though and give them an old magazine so they can have a good time ripping it up.

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