Where do I get an Italian Greyhound?

One of IGCWA's aims is to educate people about Italian Greyhounds, ensuring the breed integrity is carried on for generation and breeding produces healthy and happy dogs. 

As a Club IGCWA does not reccomend any particular breeder, but would encourage you to do plenty of research before purchasing your puppy or dog. Contact only reputable breeders in your search. IGCWA does not support selling of Italian Greyhounds in Pet Shops and hopes to discourage this practice.

Here's a few facts to help with your research and make an informed choice on breeders:

  1. A reputable Italian Greyhound breeder is only breeding to get the best possible dog that conforms to the breed standard. They are not breeding to make money, in fact a good breeder will say 'if you're making money, you're doing it wrong'. 
  2. A reputable breeder will know the full health and genetic traits of each pup. They can give you a detailed explanation into the pup from every angle.
  3. A reputable breeder will offer you a lifetime guarantee on the pup. Yes, a good breeder will take back your 10 year old Italian Greyhound that they bred if you can't or won't care for it.
  4. Reputable breeders want you to meet their pups and their parents. Or at least they will want to speak to you on the phone (if interstate) and understand you reasons for wanting an Italian Greyhound.
  5. You will get a genealogy of your pup, registration papers and all the help and support you could ever wish for from your reputable breeder, for your puppies lifetime.
  6. You will pay a lot less from a reputable breeder. Pet shops and puppy farms charge more and they motivation is a financial one.
  7. When you get a puppy from a reputable breeder, you will know that your pups parents are not puppy mill breeding machines.

If you buy an Italian Greyhound from a pet shop, gum tree or online from a hobby breeder, you will get none of the above points.

I would like to add that if you have an Italian greyhound you are welcome to join our club no matter where you got your puppy from. We only want to help and educate people about their Italian Greyhounds, so we never end up with the sort of puppy mill culture that is prevalent in the USA.

Denise Pringle
President 2018

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